Fast growth and healthy plants is the goal you will achieve by choosing Opeko contaners.
This is a product tailored to the needs of your crop.
To check our quality, you can order free samples.

Additional container rim

Reinforces the structure.

Choose the amount of holes

Adapt the container to your needs.

15 l33 cm26 cm1500
20 l35 cm29 cm900
25 l40 cm28 cm720
30 l42 cm30 cm700
32 l42 cm30 cm440
35 l44 cm33 cm580
40 l47 cm34 cm600
45 l49 cm34 cm515
60 l54 cm36 cm360
80 l60 cm42 cm180
100 l65 cm46 cm100

Product specifications:

  • 100% recycled PP resistant to damage and UV light
  • the rim of the container increases its strength and makes it easy to carry
  • possibility to choose the number of holes on the bottom
  • intended for cultivation many types of plants
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Changes to the order can be made only before shipment.

The order can be withdrawn only before shipment, at no additional cost.

There is a possibility of individual price negotiation with larger orders – please contact us.

Standard delivery is a maximum of 5 working days from the order. If we have goods in stock, delivery is possible within 2 business days.

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