We have used our experience in the plastics industry in a new product – OXY pots, intended for home plants. Innovative OXY pots are a new quality of growing plants in your home.

Free air flow

For plants to grow healthily, their roots must have access to air. In standard cultivation of plants in plastic or ceramic pots, plants have limited access to air.


OXY pots consist of two parts – a felt container and an openwork casing. This construction provides the plants, and in particular their roots, with access to air.

Our flower pots, thanks to their innovative construction, prevent twisting of the roots, as is the case with ordinary plastic pots. A well-aerated root ball makes plants grow well and healthy. See for yourself!


OXY pots come in two sizes – a smaller 1.5 liters and a larger 10 liters. They are both suitable for people cultivating small plants and those who love the larger ones.

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